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Ndao Hanavao (Let’s Innovate) is a local initiative launched in 2018 by Rubis Mécénat in association with Vitogaz Madagascar (a Rubis Group subsidiary) in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Ndao Hanavao is an
innovation and creation laboratory set up by guest designers and young vocational trainees with artisans, engineers and local stakeholders.

Photo by Henitsoa Rafalia.

All year long, the Ndao Hanavao laboratory hosts six young Malagasy trainees from Antananarivo in order to accompany them in the development of collaborative and commercial initiatives with local craftspeople based on the projects developed at the lab. 

After an analysis of plastic streams and waste routes, we have built a new machine on site, based on the local availability of parts and manufacturing technologies. This ensured the long-term run of the machine, because it can now be repaired on site.

shape line.png

Our team also built a workshop, thought the trainees with design, technical and textiles techniques, and designed a series of objects for the local market.

Collected from the waste dumps of Antananarivo by a network of collectors, the recycled plastic is transformed into wool and then into finished products at the Ndao Hanavao laboratory by the trainees.

Photos by Henitsoa Rafalia.


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