The Waste for Warmth uses the Polyfloss material's insulation properties in order to produce insulation products out of local plastic waste for refugee camp winterization solution. 

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First fully operational recycling facility in Antananarivo, Madagascar, where 10 young trainees have set up their company based on the polyfloss technology  transforming waste into fibers for garment and textile production.


Creation of insulation solutions out of plastic waste using our technology to insulate student accommodations in Dorset, UK.


Mini - Projects.

An educational workshop for young children to learn about plastic waste and recycling.
Starting with a short talk about the types of plastics and understanding the issue with plastic waste, children were taught how to repurpose waste with the polyfloss process.
With the help of our technician, kids could see the plastic waste being shredded then processed into polyfloss to be then transformed in small rulers designed by them.

This mini-project was then exported in the Maker Faire in Abu Dhabi in 2014.

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