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Ndao Hanavao


Initiated by Rubis Mécénat in 2018, Ndao Hanavao is an eco-humanitarian research and training laboratory around social design, located in Antananarivo, Madagascar.Between 2018 and 2023, Ndao Hanavao invited the design collective The Polyfloss Factory to locally implement their original technical process for transforming plastic waste into wool. Once identified, collected, cleaned and then shredded according to a protocol studied and implemented with the Ndao Hanavao laboratory, the plastic is transformed by Polyfloss machines, whose process is inspired by the manufacture of "cotton candy", and becomes an innovative fiber with multiple applications, ranging from insulation and packaging, to textile creations and molding techniques.Today, Polyfloss wool and its by-products are marketed by R'Art Plast, a Madagascan eco-responsible company created in 2022 by 5 beneficiaries of the Ndao Hanavao project. 


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