A technology inspired by candy floss ...

The Polyfloss Factory has invented a new technology to transform plastic waste into fibers, through hot centrifugation. These fibers have a wide range of applications, from insulation and packaging, to textiles and molded plastic pieces. 


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The machine can operate in areas where management of plastic waste is an issue, to transform those waste into ressources.

Our recycled fibers can be used in a wide variety of applications, and are all recyclable again. 

The Polyfloss machine and technology can be use to setup small local recycling facilities  using local plastic waste as raw material.

Our Machine

Our latest machine processes 10kg/h.

It can transform shredded PP and PET, and other plastics are currently under study.


It weights around 120kg. It can be powered by domestic electrical system. It requires only one technician to supervise production, and has safeguards to protect from moving parts and hot plastic.


It is very reliable and can be used 8h/day. Spare parts can be provided.


The unique character of the technology lies in its transportability, versatility and simple use, making it a valuable technology in contexts where industrial scales are not suitable. 

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The Process

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The fibers produced have different properties. They can be applied to heat and sound insulation, in the realm of architecture (internal or external insulation) or products (mattresses, cold boxes, hot boxes). They can be used as a textile, and be threaded, woven, knitted or even create felt with felting needles techniques. These textiles can be used to create products (bags, pouches, carpets), or garments and fashion design. Eventually, the material can also be remelted totally or partially to manufacture mono-material composites, keeping a foamy core while exhibiting rigid outer structures. Contact us to know more about the different ways the Polyfloss has been applied up to now, we’d be happy to share our knowledge.