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PIPER project - World Vision International Nepal - Innovation Lab

2023 - 2024

The Polyfloss Factory is partnering with World Vision International Nepal - Innovation Lab and Digo Bikash Samaj to install a new Polyfloss machine and conduct operational training programmes in Bhajani, Kailali. The Polyfloss machine uses post-consumer plastics (PP and PET) and turns them into plastic fibers that have good insulating properties.Under the World Vision Singapore funded Plastic Insulating Polyfloss for Economic Roofing (PIPER) project, 12 classroom roofs across 2 schools were insulated using the insulation packets made from polyfloss while providing livelihood opportunities to the local community. The newly installed machine aims to continue this progress and will be used to insulate 24 classrooms across 6 schools, along with providing sensitisation programmes to school students and communities regarding plastics and their negative effects. The project will also expand its local livelihood opportunities through partnerships with local community-run cooperatives.
The project was supported by Engineers Without Borders Norway and The Waste for Warmth consortium.


Project Partner.

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