waste banderolle

It is well known that plastic waste in landfills and CO2 emissions from mass incineration of plastic are Global issues. In the U.K. alone over 5 million tones of plastic waste is produced in each year. Of this, less that a quarter is recycled (British Plastics Federation).

Production using plastic has little human technique, manufacturing plastics almost always requires huge machines controlled by computers. All this makes it a material for mass-production, not appropriate on a small scale. And this has an effect on recycling and re-use: unlike wood, metal or textiles, the knowledge of transforming plastic is exclusive to industry.

We have created a way for plastic to be transformed and manufactured on a small scale.

The Polyfloss Factory and its technology hopes to provide an innovative solution for redirecting plastic waste from the landfill, and turning it into useful high value products. The company is currently working with businesses to use their waste and produce bespoke objects, interior design and packaging.